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Pet Boarding in Cincinnati, OH

Pet boarding and pet daycare available! Our state-of-the-art facility for pet boarding in Cincinnati, OH offers a perfect space for your pet to get the exercise and rest needed while our staff provides all the love they could ask for.

Our Pet Boarding Services

Kyle Veterinary Hospital - Dog Boarding

When boarding your dog or cat, it's important to find a place with people you can trust to care for your pet in a responsible, safe, clean, and comfortable environment. Because we value your pet like you do, our comprehensive services are offered at an all-inclusive price. Your pet receives our top service and care, including two mealtimes (unless instructed otherwise), four walks, two playtimes with individual attention, and lots of love and affection.

To board with us:

Dogs must be up to date on DHPP (Distemper/Parvo), Influenza, 6-month Bordetella, and Rabies.

Cats must be up to date on FVRCP (Distemper) and Rabies.

Dog Boarding

Kyle Veterinary Hospital - Dog Boarding

In Kyle Vet's care, your dog will enjoy the following:

  • Plush bedding
  • Outdoor playtime
  • Spacious accommodations
  • Soothing music
  • Multi-dog kennels with discounts for multiple pets
  • Individual attention at regular intervals
  • Pet care
  • Vaccinations and grooming services available
  • No extra fee if bringing your own food

Dog Kennels

Whether just for the day or for the entire week, you can trust us to look after your dog. They will enjoy a clean, spacious, and comfortable kennel where they can sleep after tiring themselves out in the outdoor play area.

Outdoor Playtime

We never keep your dog cooped up. Whether your dog is in daycare or with us for an extended stay, we let dogs out in our outdoor play area multiple times each day, ensuring they stay healthy. We also make sure everyone gets along and plays nice!

Cat Boarding

Kyle Veterinary Hospital - Cat Condos

While in the Cat Condos, your feline will have access to:

  • Plush bedding
  • Tri-level suites with windows for cats
  • Spacious accommodations
  • Individual cat suites only
  • Soothing music
  • Individual attention at regular intervals
  • Pet care
  • Vaccinations and grooming services available
  • No extra fee if bringing your own food

Cat Condos


We understand cats are particular about where they sleep. That’s why we have clean, multi-level condos for your feline. Your cat will have enough room to walk around, climb, or take a snooze. Each condo has an isolated litter box and individual food and water bowl.

What To Bring For Boarding

Food and Treats

Please provide enough food for the entire boarding stay along with a little extra just in case your vacation is extended (if you opt for in-house food we will provide the appropriate amount)

We would love to give your animal THEIR treats! Because of food allergies we do not provide treats!


Provide all medication your animal will need to receive while they are boarding with us. Please let us know your usual method of medicating. We provide peanut butter to use but any other method (pill pockets, chicken, etc.) must be provided.


  • Nylabones
  • Kong toys with their favorite treat or extra kibble
  • Other DURABLE chew toys

In most cases these toys can be left in the kennel with your animal to keep them occupied when unsupervised. You can bring their favorite stuffed animal, rope toy or squeaky toy, but these will only be given when supervised.


Dog/Cat beds - We will be happy to put bedding provided by you or blankets provided by us in their kennels. Just a reminder some dogs who don’t chew on their bedding at home may chew on them while in the kennel environment.

Old T-Shirt - Sleep with an old t-shirt before you leave and send it with your animal while they board with us. This way they have something that smells like home while they are with us. Make sure the t-shirt is something you don't care if it gets dirty, chewed up, or otherwise ruined.

What Not To Bring For Boarding

  • Tennis Balls - We use our own tennis balls that go through the wash after every use.
  • Rawhide - This is a choking hazard.
  • Blankets - We have plenty of our own bedding that we provide all dogs who can use it (as long as they do not chew). So you do not have to bring bedding. Sometimes we need to wash your dog’s bedding while they are here with us and there have been times it can get misplaced in our loads of laundry. If you want your animal to have the smell of home, try the tshirt idea above!
  • Feed Stands (unless for medical reasons) - These can pose a safety risk in a confined space.
  • Dog/Cat feeding bowls - We provide each animal with a food and water bowl, which is washed and disinfected after every use.

We are not responsible for any lost or destroyed items.

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